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Current EventsItamar News Updates Nov 20th 2015

Itamar News Updates Nov 20th 2015

Itamar was blessed this week with some very special visitors that came to our town despite the difficult security situation.  It was our greatest pleasure to host again our dear friends Rico and Yolanda Cortez together with their tour group from USA. Rico and Yolanda IMG_7127[1]are very dedicated friends of our community and have been showing their love support and solidarity with Itamar for years. They had a remarkable tour of the community and had a fantastic lunch at the Nekuda Hakafrit –Itamar’s therapeutic farm and petting zoo.  They got a chance to taste our organic whole wheat Pitta bread freshly baked in the oven as well as other naturally inspired delicacies.IMG_7192[1]IMG_7122[1]















































We also welcomed back our dear friends Ruth Fazal and Gil Pentzak that came with a tour group from Canada, USA, and England to hear about the community. Ruth is a renowned musician and Gil a gifted Hebrew teacher -both working together in bridging the gap between the non-Jewish and Jewish worlds through love and respect for one another. They are precious friends and we loved hosting them.IMG_7223[1]

Special thanks to our dear friend Eric Leibman of Portland Oregon who has been working hard for years in standing with Friends of Itamar in its vital mission of building the land. Eric has been appearing on a Russian Radio station in Portland and discussing the necessity of helping Itamar. This week we had the pleasure of hosting the president of the station that came to visit Itamar, Barukh Avrahamovich. IMG_7162[1] Eric has initiated in a few walkathons on the behalf of our farmers and the Russian radio agreed to advertise them.












A special welcome to Anita Zbaren to Israel! Anita and Husband Enrico have been helping for years in supplementing beautiful quality clothes to help keep the toddlers of Itamar warm and cozy.  May Hashem bless this very special family with only goodness always!

Shabbat starts at 4:09 and ends at 5:14 on Itamar.

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