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Current EventsItamar News updates May 5th 2017

Itamar News updates May 5th 2017


 width=This week Itamar celebrated its 33rd birthday on Israel Independence Day – it is always a very emotional experience as our Memorial Day leads right into Independence Day. The thought of the 22 special souls of Itamar residents that gave their lives for the land of Israel together with the thousands of others that have fallen for the sake of the nation of Israel – brings one to a feeling of appreciation and admiration. Without these precious souls, we would not be where we are today. In their name, we will go on living and building the land making it stronger and more beautiful every day.   width= width=











We had the honor of hosting a few groups this week  width=on Itamar. We welcomed our special friends from the West Coast – a fantastic group led by our dear  width=friend Irina  width=and a great group from Finland led by our dear friends Leo and Marja. We also had a group from the Karney Shomron Yeshiva and two students that are spending a year in a Midreshet Moriah in Jerusalem for girls – Adinah and Talya. width= width=














Mazal Tov to the Mishulami family on the birth of a son.























Special thanks again to Jessica Katz for sending another amazing shipment of clothes for the Itamar residents. width=

We ask all our friends to have in mind in their prayers Rabbi Avichay Nisan Ben Chaya Ronski who has had a very serious operation and recuperating in the hospital.

Watch Rabbi Goldsmith’s lesson on this  width=
week’s portion.

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