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Current EventsItamar News Updates May 27 2022

Itamar News Updates May 27 2022

Itamar news updates


Friends of Itamar send our deep condolences to Miriam, her family, and Beit Ami in the passing of our longtime friend and supporter Charles Stalsworth of blessed memory. Charles loved with all his heart and soul the town of Itamar and always prayed to see us grow to an important city of Israel.  The pictures of the flora and fauna from Itamar are dedicated to his memory.

Unfortunately, the security situation on Itamar has greatly declined over last couple of months. Things have gotten really bad this week when children were injured by rock throwing terrorists on our major route leading to the community. There have been a number of attempts to infiltrate our town and we are in high alert. Our response to terrorism has always been to continue to build and strengthen our community.

Here is a list of some of our present projects that are in the making and need funding to complete.

Visitors center: we need around sixty thousand more dollars to finish it

Basketball court reconstruction with seating for 150 children made out of stone:  we need around 40 thousand dollars to finish it

Mikvah – we are adding to the community mikvah and need around 25 thousand dollars to complete it

Security fence:  We are fixing up our security fence and – each kilometer and a half is around 30 thousand dollars we have 13 kilometers of fencing and are starting with the most sensitive areas.

Completion of High school Bet Midrash upper floor – we need another 70 thousand dollars – for 25 thousand dollars there are room dedications available – these rooms will be used for children’s therapy via music and other areas.

We need to add on to our Clothing Gmach caravan by building out a closed porch deck out of wood. It is around 30 thousand dollars

Every summer we help sponsor the Itamar children’s and adult summer program which comes out to around 20 thousand dollars.

Any assistance towards any one of these projects or general assistance would be greatly appreciated! Every donation gets us closer in completing our goals!!!


Despite the great turmoil it did not prevent visitors from abroad to visit Itamar after a two-year disruption caused by the Corona Virus. We greatly enjoyed the visit of our dear friends Jeff Schwartz ESQ.  who serves on the Friends of Itamar board, Anita and Enrico from Switzerland and friends from Florida. In addition, we are happy to welcome Rachel Greene know as the “Patriot Nurse”, and Brandee Stacy who are both dear of Friends of Itamar as well.


A huge thank you to YAD LEAH and Keess Tinekeh and NNA for thinking awesomely of us again in sending more boxes of quality clothing and furniture to strengthen the town of Itamar.

Baruch Hashem Itamar continues to grow shortly we will be completing an important housing project of 18 new houses. We have been blessed with a steady stream of new residents to our community.




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  • Nechama

    I was informed that you had a great guest at your Yeshiva recently. Why no article about the visit of: "Yehonatan Pollard travels all over Eretz Yisrael. Here at the Itamar Yeshivah, they are playing his song"

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