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Current EventsItamar News Updates May 27 2016

Itamar News Updates May 27 2016

This week we commemorated Lester Goldsmith on his yartzeit this past Monday. Lester was the founder and director of Friends of Itamar till he passed away, Y”Z”B! Please enjoy the greater Goldsmith family standing at the Iris HaShomron Spring set up here on Itamar in his blessed memory.IMG_1018[1]










The Zbaren Family of Switzerland have been long time friends and supporters of Itamar. They always make sure to bring beautiful baby and toddler clothes for our gmach. Thank you Yisrael Stefansky for bringing them back again for precious visiting time here! We love you Anita and Enrico! IMG_1069[1]













Switzerland was not the only European country that came to show solidarity this week but also friends from Denmark!IMG_1173[1] Lars Madsen and friends were able to join with us for Lag BaOmer festivities here. We enjoyed a tour of the Givot Olam organic Farm and even got to explore the ancient wine cellars deep under the ground here. Thank you Lars and we’re excited to meet more enthusiastic Israel lovers from Scandanavia!

Helen , Charlie and Judy Freedman are all spending Shabbat here with us on Itamar! Woo Hoo! Helen has been leading AFSI groups for twenty five years to all of Israel’s heartland communities, Judy the apple not falling far from the tree is following in those patriotic footsteps- Yashar Koach ANAK to all of them!IMG_1346[1]IMG_1323[1]













This week on Lag BaOmer we had our annual parade in the name of our fallen soldier, Matan Zagron HY”D! We gathered at Mitzpeh Matan, a beautiful lookout created for viewing the very special vista that has been set up in his name.IMG_1186[1]
















When people come back to Itamar they are taken aback by the way it is always improving, growing, getting greener and seeing prophesy come true as the landscape changes from rocks to grapevines. IMG_1281[1]Kilometers of them. This brings to mind a saying that puts it in a nutshell- “We have done so much, for so long- with so little- that we can anything with nothing- forever.”

Enjoy Rabbi Moshe’s Torah lesson.

Shabbat Shalom!



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