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GeneralItamar News Updates May 14th 2013

Itamar News Updates May 14th 2013

IMG_5330Welcome back to Moshe and Leah Goldsmith who visited the Jewish Communities of St. PetersburgIMG_5823, Russia andIMG_5327 Helsinki Finland, meeting with leaders challenged by life far away from Israel.  Their amazing hosts, led by Leo Meller, and amazing friend of Israel, organized important events and meetings that were attended by hundreds of Finnish people as well as European Union parliament members and media. The objective of this visit was to give their stand on the importance of the heart of Israel. It was an eye opening experience and very positive. A special thanks to Marja and Pirkko, tzadikey umot haolam that live to make the world a better place.

Yesterday we had the privilege of hosting AFSI, led by Helen Freedman. Afsi This group of advocates come on a regular basis to Itamar and other important communities in Judea Samaria showing their solidarity with the people that live here. We are truly encouraged by their support. An important guest part of the group included Jack Ross who had donated a sefer torah to one of the hilltop neighborhoods that was set up as a response to the Fogel massacre. Unfortunately, this hilltop was dismantled by the government and the torah is now in Ramat Gilad.

We remember our dear friend and neighbor, Gilad Zar, HYD who was murdered the day after Shavuot in 2002, this coming Thursday will be his yartzeit in Karney shomron at 5:30 PM.

Thank G-D the Itamar synagogueShul 3 project is really moving along   – we are near completion! We still need help in finishing the last stage so anyone who is interested in participating please do so.

Itamar is looking more beautiful every day we are in the process of beautifying our major center with landscaping.gardening

Mazal Tov to Eliyahu and Noah Mishulami on the bat mitzvah of their daughter – Bat Ami.

We would like to bless all our dear friends with a Chag Shavuot samech!

Watch Rabbi Goldsmith’s lesson for the holiday on the difference between the first and second tablets.

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