Itamar News Updates March 8th 2018

As Moshe would say “it’s great to be back!!!” As you know we were on a long speaking tour that took over a month. We didn’t get back home to Purim. This means we missed the Fogel memorial here, but as the memory of it hit hard in early Adar, we felt the people we were with standing by us, loving us, and supporting us.





Knowing that not everyone can just can’t come to Israel we a point of going to you dear friends of Itamar. Our friendship is so important  –  We would cross the sea for it at any time. We appreciate the support and love you all.













































Special thanks to Yad Leah for sending a phenomenal shipment of beautiful clothing.


Our high school is working diligently on organic agriculture. We had a chance to enjoy the products of that labor.     









We enjoyed hosting some special guests this week. The Smith family from Colorado that came with Hanoch Young.


We also welcomed two movie makers – Stephen Lentini and Eric Gardner – producers at Masada Films.

We have been just reveling in spring – wish you could taste the delicious strawberries grown right here on Itamar – the Gem of the hills.

See Leah’s blog

Watch movie on a jeep ride from Itamar to the Jordan valley.

Shabbat Shalom!!!!

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