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GeneralItamar News Updates March 4th 2016

Itamar News Updates March 4th 2016

In the spirit of Parashat Vayakhel and shekalim which focus on unity – Itamar is having a special community Shabbat when families  invite one another to enjoy the Shabbat meals together. In addition, the entire community will have the third meal together. We have a special guest speaker, Harav Lichianee, who will spend Shabbat on Itamar and share some Torah with the community.

Itamar welcomed the visit of Isaac Szpilzinger IMG_9275[1]who came to tour the community. We also welcomed the visit of Levi Yitzchak Kahan, and Yoel David from Williamsburg NY.IMG_9314[1]

Enjoy the picture of the beautiful vineyard on Itamar after being pruned.

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