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Current EventsItamar News Updates March 31st 2017

Itamar News Updates March 31st 2017

This week we hosted a group of Students from NYU that are studying in Tel Aviv University for a few months. The students got a chance to experience the town of Itamar and meet with some of its special people.  width=

Itamar enjoyed hosting a group of school boys from the community of Niveh. Niveh is an agricultural town set up in 2008 on the Egyptian border by families that were thrown out of their homes in 2005 after the destruction of Gush Katif.  width=



Mazal Tov to Aaron and Hodayah Hucham dear friends of Itamar on the birth of quadruplets!! Two boys and two girls!!!!!

Itamar enjoyed the visit of Pastors Jim Vineyard and Don – who came to show their solidarity with the community.

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Shabbat Shalom



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