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Current EventsItamar News Updates March 27th 2015

Itamar News Updates March 27th 2015

Itamar welcomed the visit of J, Sanchez, Gadi Gonzalez and Israel Hanna that came to tour the community of Itamar. These special visitors came to Netanaya Israel to attend a conference for the Bney Anusim (Maranoes originally from Spain). One of the things on their agenda to do while in the Land was to visit here. They were very moved by their visit to Itamar and expressed the tremendous spiritual effect that it had on them by being here – in the backyard of the Torah Giants – like Abraham, Yakkov, Joseph and Itamar..IMG_3199











Mazal tov to Itamar’s Chief Rabbi – Rabbi Natan and Nurit Chay on the engagement of their daughter – Naomi!



We are getting ready for the Pesach holiday and a lot of visitors are expected. The new Maayan Iris HaShomron dedicated in the memory of our dear founder and father, Levi Goldsmith – is being cleaned and made ready for the thousands of people looking for a cool water attraction in a rugged rural mountainous vista – we have picnic tables!IMG_2972

We want to congratulate some of Itamar’s finest soldiers for their amazing feat in setting out a few weeks ago on bicycles on a trek called Shveel Yisrael and completing it yesterday. It began in the north on the Hermon Mountain and culminated in Eilat. This trek was done in the name of Sharon Chen of Kibbutz Alonim, yihee zichro baruch HYD, who died in his sleep while in commando training. Sharon was an Olympic athlete and loved sports. His organs were later donated to save the lives of other people.  The Friends of Itamar would like to thank the people who donated specifically for this special memorial.IMG_3006




A special thank you to the Friends of Itamar for donating the new tablet לוחscreen in our synagogue where all announcements are posted.




This tablet is in the memory of three Maglan special force soldiers that lost their lives in the last war in Gaza in Operation Protective Edge, Guy Algernati, Matan Gotlieb and Omer Chay, yihee zichram baruch HYD .












Pesach is a week away and here in Israel it is not only a time to clean but to shop. Stores are full and it is truly a site to see– please enjoy the picture!IMG_3189






Watch Rabbi Goldsmith’s new Torah lesson for the week.

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