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GeneralItamar News Updates March 25 2016

Itamar News Updates March 25 2016

We enjoyed the visit of our special friends this week! – Abraham and Rosalie Weiss and Larry and Hannah Cohen from NY. We are so blessed to have them on board and standing with us כאיש אחד בלב אחד here!IMG_9701[1]






There were many Purim celebrations on Itamar this week. There were megillah readings in our Yeshiva Gevoha as well as in our new main shule. Enjoy the picturesIMG_9633[1]IMG_9689[1] and link to our Facebook site where we show a short clip of our precious children listening to the Megillah reading and fulfilling the Jewish custom by shouting and making noise each time the name of Haman is recited.IMG_9648[1]








Watch Rabbi Goldsmith’s lesson on Purim. This shiur was given in the memory of Chana Bat David and Tzvia Bat Aharon-

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