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Current EventsItamar News Updates March 24th 2017

Itamar News Updates March 24th 2017

This week we had a very special visitor  width=– The Minister of Agriculture of the USA, Sid Miller of the State of Texas came on a tour of the Shomron and visited our organic farms. He is enthusiastic about tightening the relationship between our two great countries as we have much to teach each other and bring success to both of our nations! See link to article and clip:

We also welcomed guests from New York –Karen and Mark Benson who came for the their first time- we so enjoyed their visit, width= and Rosalie and Avraham Weiss. Interestingly, Mrs. Weiss said she loves coming back to Itamar every time she comes to Israel because of the peace here. She said, “Israel is full of coffee shops and buses full of people, aware always there are dangers but with no other choice but to continue living. It is vibrant and lovely! Here on Itamar the peace you feel is the defiance of the people that live here – despite the terror they have experienced. They keep on making this place paradise. I love coming here.”

The cabbage is thriving in our organic hothouses- just a little more sunlight each day warms things up and like magic the veggies are sprouting, the butterflies have returned to usher in Spring and the green, the green everywhere! width= width=

Itamar children have a very special afternoon extracurricular class- Survival in the wild. These first graders learn to find safe sources of water when hiking and camping, how to stay warm when cold out and cool off when very hot, their outdoor adventure in this class is hands on. They learn to light a fire safely and how to cook on it! They learn to forage and use a knife. As they grow up they graduate into the more advanced class and then learn to use a compass, read a map and read the sky! Learning also from the different portions of the Torah there is always a thread of spiritual survival and learning to make the difference between giving up and finding the strength!

Shabbat shalom!


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