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Current EventsItamar News Updates March 18th 2016

Itamar News Updates March 18th 2016


We were again so happy to have groups come to Itamar this week despite the continued security situation. There are brave proud of Israel people that stand with us at all times! Enjoy the pictures! IMG_9489[1] IMG_9473[1] IMG_9533[1]




























This was a bittersweet week as we celebrated our being recognized officially as a legal community. This is very impacting because it will only boost our growth and development. Enjoy the pictures of the festivities-IMG_9506[1]







This was also the week of the yartzeit of the Fogel family who were murdered 5 years ago- May Hashem Avenge their blood with the building and solidifying of a strong presence of torah loving people standing as watchmen on the walls in the the very heart of Israel. See our nursery going up!1430247-18












Boutique wine pouring out of the stones of the mountains here- The innovation of Shmuel Barak and his prize winning wine!

Enjoy Rabbi Goldsmith’s Torah Lesson

Read his essay12828275_1086155368072150_5040433823589907379_o[1]

Shabbat Shalom!




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  • James and Gayle OHare....

    We love you...ooooxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox toda raba for sharing many wonderful memories and also showing perseverance in the midst of the are those who are strong and of good courage...Trusting in HaShem for all your needs and He is Faithful to supply....may we all be those who are joined together with you in being a light unto the nations for such a time as are family...Love and Shalom, James and Gayle....

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