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Current EventsItamar News Updates March 16th 2018

Itamar News Updates March 16th 2018

Friends of Itamar, since its inception, has been an important the bridge connecting the heart of Israel with many places in the world. We were blessed this week with the visit of our dear friends from Finland Dr. Marja and Anjali from Finland. We took them to see the Lishkat Haparochet – a special workshop where weaving techniques of the temple are researched. The workshop was set up by Orna Hershberg who has become an expert in this area. It is an amazing place to see when coming to visit Itamar. width=



We also had the privilege of hosting our dear friends Judy Grossman from Jerusalem and Gila and Nechama RoIlhaus from Queens NY that came to spend a day on Itamar. They even got a chance to participate in a weekly Torah class given by Rabbi Moshe Goldsmith in his home. We took them to one of their favorite spots – the Tomer and Meytal farm. That produce wine, flowers, raise sheep and now are growing blueberries. width= width= width=
















We were also blessed with the visit of our dear friend Neils from Sweden. Neils is working hard to connect Europe with the heartland of Israel. He has a plan in setting up a motorcycle tour of Europeans to drive the beautiful paths of the mountains of Samaria. width= width=







Mazal tov to Alon and Rachel Zimmerman on the Britt milah of their new grandson Nachman and of course to the proud parents. The Zimmermans have a very interesting farm on Itamar which includes dairy cows and green energy. width=

Enjoy Rabbi Goldsmith’s Torah lesson

Shabbat Shalom

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