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GeneralItamar News Updates March 11 2016

Itamar News Updates March 11 2016

Despite the severe security situation in Israel, there are still people that come to show their solidarity. We had an influx of visitors this week that came to learn about Itamar as the vanguard of organic producers of a variety of products. Steve Wearp and his son,   came from Canton Texas to initiate meetings with some Itamar residents in the hope that they can participate in the organization called Blessed Buy Israel, a push against the BDS movement and towards the boosting of businesses here. Yashar Koach to Steve for this mitzvah!IMG_9367[1]









Gil and Ruth Fazal brought a very special group this week. Visitors from Australia, Sweden, the UK, Canada and the United States came on their tour to the Heartland and had a full survey of its significance- historically, spiritually and strategically. Thank you so much for standing with us!




















Enjoy the spectacular picture at our hilltops at sundown and the beautiful orchid.IMG_3060



Enjoy Rabbi Goldsmith’s lesson for the week.

Read his essay.

Read Leah’s blog

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