Itamar News Updates June 26th 2020

Summer is here in all its glory. We arer enjoying the beautiful season. The building of our High School Campus is steadily progressing. Enjoy the pictures of our students planting new vineyards under the campus. They are expert blacksmiths as well and are learning to construct fencing and put to use their talents.

What a better place to learn to connect with our beautiful Land and make it prosper – here on Itamar – Gem of the hills!

Enjoy the beautiful Amasah pool flowing with abundant water from Mount Gerizim Spring

Here in the Shomron new stalagmite caves were recently discovered as land was cleared for building – enjoy these band new discoveries!

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Enjoy Rabbi Goldsmiths lesson on the weekly portion

At this time as we stand at a crossroad when it is obvious to everyone that chaos is trying to rule – you are being given the opportunity to partner with is in holding down G-d’s land – this is a crucial time as we safeguard the very heart of Israel – Friends of Itamar is devoted to ground breaking work in every imaginable realm – you can make a difference.

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