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GeneralItamar News Updates June 21 2013

Itamar News Updates June 21 2013

As we begin the summer officially today, it is a real pleasure to say that we had the privilege of hosting our dear friend Eddie Wuntch from the five towns. Eddie has been a special friend of Itamar for many years. With his heart of gold, he has been a major force behind the Itamar summer camp program which provides a rich and educational experience for every child on Itamar during the long summer months.  For years, Eddie with great modesty and love has been motivating his dear community of Anshey Chesed and others to help the Itamar children enjoy their summer.  We thank him with all our heart and soul for his amazing kindness and true example of Ahavat Yisrael. Eddie came with his brother-in-law Yitzchak Nelson who visited Itamar for the first time. A special mazal tov to Yitzchak upon the marriage of his son this week!


We were happy to host a special guest from Hong Cong this week that came to hear how the pioneers of Judea and Samaria are redeeming the land. He was extremely interested in the history of Israel , and the heartland -Itamar and its surroundings. He was escorted by a small group, led by Prof. Martin Sherman, Boaz HaEtzni and other prominent leaders that enjoyed the tour as well.

This week we remembered the Shabo family and Yosef Twito that were killed in a massacre on Itamar back in 2002. Rachel Shabo and three of her children were massacred in her home while she was preparing for the Shabbat. Yosef Twito, the head of the Itamar response team came running to their aid and was killed while trying to protect the family as they were being attacked.

Press on this link to see a short video clip in memory of the Shabo family.

Itamar is continuing to beautify the town.  This week an important landscaping project of Itamar’s center was completed!

 The building goes on as well as Itamar’s Hesder Yeshiva is in full swing in building its permanent dormitories.

The Friends of Itamar would like to bless the Goldbergs of North Woodmere who have are very special friends of Itamar for many years on the marriage of their daughter, Danielle to Moshe Yosef. We are all so happy for you- tizku lehakime bayit neeman beYisrael!

Watch Rabbi Goldsmith’s new lesson for the week which is dedicated to the speedily recovery of Rifael Pesachya Yaakov Ben Avivah Sarah.


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