Itamar News Updates July 7th 2021

After a challenging year of corona and a tense security situation, we are again providing a full summer camp program of activities for our youth and children. The objective is to empower and direct them towards personal growth, awareness of national identity and giving. The framework of the summers program is being managed by professional counselors and teachers. We have: carpentry class, karate, work out room hours, outings to a pool, hikes, paintball, basketball competition, leadership panels, prayer trips to Jerusalem, kumzitz, volunteer work in all of Itamar’s farms, and more. We would like to thank all our dear friends of Itamar who are helping us make this happen! Anyone interested in subsidizing a child please donate here.

Our youth are also helping out with our clothing gmach – special thanks to our dear friends from the Netherlands.

 Special thanks to YAD LEAH for again an amazing load of clothing for Itamars new second hand shop

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