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GeneralItamar News Updates July 5th 2013

Itamar News Updates July 5th 2013

Itamar experienced two very interesting visits this week. The first visit was by a group of foreign reporters from Holland, Canada, Japan, China, England, and others that came to hear the story about Itamar from some of its founding pioneers. The next visit was by a representative of the American Consulate who has been visiting with different communities in Judea and Samaria in order to keep the State Department informed about what is happening in this part of Israel. It goes without saying that it is an ongoing battle to educate the world about the importance of places like our community. Obviously, changes will not take place over night, but we believe that by presenting our side of the picture slowly but surely we will see positive results.

 The Itamar synagogue project is in full swing. We are working very hard on the interior and hope to finish the building in a few months. We still need a lot of help in finishing this amazing project.

This Shabbat Itamar is hosting a group of soldiers that are in a special army program for those wishing to convert to Judaism. Most of them are children of mixed marriages that have immigrated to Israel from the Russia and other countries.They shared the Shabbat meals with different families. Itamar has been opening its doors for years hosting participants in this program.

The Itamar summer program is in full swing enjoy the pictures of the children having fun!

Watch Rabbi Goldsmith’s new lesson on the Torah portion.


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