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Current EventsItamar News Updates July 29th 2016

Itamar News Updates July 29th 2016

Itamar welcomed many guests this week. Mrs. Hertzog and her son Yehudah from Kew Garden Hills N.Y., Gavriel Yarmish from Brooklyn NY, and Tzivia and Alan Shapiro who came with long time Friend of Itamar- Alan Nussbaum.

The highest ratio of kidney donors in Israel are Jewish settlers that live in Judea-Samaria. Yochanan Goldin is Itamar’s first kidney donor. Kidney transplants have a great success rate but we still need to have Siyata D’Shmaya. Yochanan has donated his kidney to someone he does not know proving that all lives matter.13692450_304379156565279_5555388052949148625_n

This is an S.O.S. going out to all lovers of working the Land in the most kind to the earth way using only organic methods of raising crops: The Penini Farm has been devoting their energies into maintaining control over territory that connects Itamar to the Jordan Valley. Tremendous resources are needed to maintain the security of the farm and also initiate new agricultural endeavors. If they succeed with our help we will be able to hold on to this precious and strategic piece of land and plant blueberries for the next season. 11011937_426706847517561_9044348217960606504_o

We commemorated the Shabo family and Yosef Twito memorials last week. We continue to build and fortify and safeguard Itamar as a response to terror attacks that kill children, women and men- please join us in this important mission. Jewish lives matter.

Many new enterprises are sprouting all over- enjoy the pictures of lechem ivri – bread baked from all natural organic stone ground flour right here on Itamar and eggplants being sold out of our hilltops-Sacha Gorelik has the Sabra Patch- a lovely business out of jersalem where Sacha is sharing a wealth of creativity by local artists and selling their wares. 61_600x450 img_4521_600x450

Our Summer activities continue into the three weeks. Two events are being scheduled for kindergarten and lower school ages in the theme of yearning for the Temple- a play on the subject and building the Temple from gigantic Leggo. Enjoy the pictures of our kids playing tic tac toe and soccer in the new soccer court 13767163_1194751563916319_4825229452465553444_obuilt by the Friends of Itamar! Thank You!

13775910_1193222617402547_1576619819329683170_n13710732_1193222620735880_3451021693008716484_oWatch Rabbi Goldsmith’s new Torah lesson




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