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Current EventsItamar News Updates July 24th 2020

Itamar News Updates July 24th 2020

Friends of Itamar were so happy to be blessed by YAD LEAH with yet another shipment of clothing for the community. It goes beyond saying that during these very difficult times of Corona where people’s livelihoods have been affected that the help is incredible. Thank you YAD LEAH for this incredible chesed‼️


The Iris Hashomron Spring pools, named after Friends of Itamar’s founder, Lester Goldsmithז”ל  – Are in the process of being upgraded. A fence has been built around the spring keeping out wild boar that have been damaging the area pools and the surrounding fauna. The spring will be filtered by water plants with the goal of making the water not only friendly to swim in but safe to even drink.  We want to thank our dear friends of Itamar for allowing this project to become a reality.


We had a special kite day for Itamar’s children –  a kite for every child here – the fresh afternoon breeze was wonderful!


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Please watch Rabbi Goldsmith’s Torah lesson

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