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Current EventsItamar News Updates July 21 2017

Itamar News Updates July 21 2017

Friends of Itamar want to bless and honor our dear friend, and supporter, Eric Leibman, for his relentless effort in volunteering for Friends of Itamar. Eric’s love and devotion to our cause are an amazing example of his special character and love for the land of Israel. May G-D bless him and his family!!!! width=

Friends of Itamar welcomed back Rabbi Moshe Goldsmith who went to participate at the CUFI conference in Washington D.C this week. Special thanks to Mike Isley the director of Texas CUFI for his warm hospitality. width=






Itamar was honored to host Patmos organization representatives that came to spend a few days on Itamar – Marja, Hilva, and Johanna. They enjoyed a completed tour of the area and the educational institution that they have been supporting over the years. width=



Enjoy the picture of the organic cucumbers – in this picture you can see the flowers as well as maturing cucumbers. width=

Check out this link to a new clip by the Temple Institute – It is time to wake up!

Watch Rabbi Goldsmith’s lesson on the weekly portion.


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