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Current EventsItamar News Updates July 13th 2018

Itamar News Updates July 13th 2018

The Itamar summer program is in full gear! One of our little campers holding the summer schedule in his hands!



Enjoy a short clip of Itamar’s children having fun making colorful Helium balloons sending them in the beautiful sky over the community. This was a way for our young generation to counter the terrible atrocity of terror balloons that are being sent from Gaza destroying the beautiful produce and landscape. Instead, our children are being taught to love the land of Israel exhibiting this through the sending of love balloons.

The Friends of Itamar spring in memory of Its founding father Lester Goldsmith is a major attraction during the summer months – enjoy the pictures. Special thanks to our wonderful friends who helped this become a reality. width=  width=











Congratulations to Rabbi Damari on another completion of the book of the Zohar. Rabbi Damari and his wife Rachel are one of the original pioneering families of Itamar. Rabbi Damari has a custom of learning the holy book of the Zohar every day and after completing organizes a special banquet to honor the Torah. width=






Watch Rabbi Goldsmith’s latest lesson on the weekly Torah portion.

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