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Itamar NewsItamar News Updates July 12 2020

Itamar News Updates July 12 2020

Friends of Itamar are proud and happy to show you the finished products of two very big projects we have been working on this year. The first, a We Work Center that provides office spaces right here on Itamar and just in time for Covid-19 by giving peace of mind and enhancement to health and safety for the people that cannot go to work in city centers. Friends of Itamar provided this new Center with new materials and equipment so that our community can keep work spaces available and clean and most of all- close to home, avoiding the sometimes-dangerous roads. We were also able to provide the means of enlarging our community building which holds many large events.


Our  Chitzim High School campus is really coming along. Enjoy the pictures of the state of the arts buildings and preparations for the school which educates and houses over two hundred boys and staff to move into these permanent dormitories, lodgings student houses Beit Midrash soon. Friends of Itamar depends on your support to make all of this possible. We delight in dedications in honor of someone special or in memory of a precious loved one. What better joy than see Eretz Yisrael built and thriving!


You can also link up your Amazon account through Amazon smile where they donate 0.05% of every purchase to the charity of your choice – please sign up for Friends of Itamar.

Enjoy the beautiful strawberries grown right here on Itamar Gem of the Hills!


Enjoy the picture of where Pinchas HaCohen is buried (right under Itamar!)


Enjoy Rabbi Goldsmiths Torah Teaching!

Shabbat shalom!

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