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Current EventsItamar News Updates July 10th 2015

Itamar News Updates July 10th 2015

Wow! An exciting week here on Itamar which included many activities that are a part of our summer program. We had Men’s night out, soccer fun with the youth and adults, a traveling zoo that came and gave an opportunity to learn from close about different exotic animals! The Aspaklaria theatre performing for an all-girls night out and soon a special show in 3 D about ancient Jerusalem and many more things to come!IMG_5761











We hosted several prominent people in Israel Advocacy, Professor Eugene Kontorovich and Sarah Bernamoff and Jeffrey Schwartz who are a part of Shurat HaDin and came to see the community and its surroundings. On our tour we visited Mount Gerizim, Eli and the ancient site of Tel Shilo, where the Tabernacle stood for over 369 years! All of this attests to the legality of the people of Israel connected from time immemorial to her land!IMG_5040



We also had Lori and Mark from Toronto Canada.IMG_5223
















Tomer Penini is a farmer who is literally holding down the fort on our eastern border. He has plans after shmitta to dig in even deeper and expand the flower fields of peonies and vineyards. We urge you to join with him in this extremely important venture. IMG_3713He is building a sheep shed now and needs a camera for surveillance that will safeguard the area. Anyone interested in helping Tomer is helping to solidify our presence in a very strategic area of Itamar, Please earmark Tomer Penini on your donation. Thank you so much!

Please see leah’s blog about Parshat Pinchas

Please see Rabbi Moshe’s Torah on Parshat Pinchas.


Shabbat Shalom Umevorach!


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