Itamar News Updates January 17th 2017

We want to thank Hashem for opening up the heavens and sending us a beautiful rainfall this week – we all must keep praying for rain we need to have all our reservoirs fill up to the top it has been a drought in the land too long!!!!!

Itamar welcomed the visit of our dear friend for many years, Pastor Gaspar Anastasi that brought a precious group from the USA to tour the community this week. The group enjoyed visiting the community and had a fantastic lunch on the David Itzik petting zoo farm.









Itamar welcomed the visit of Yitzzie and Galit Shwartz.





With the holiday of Tu B’ishvat coming up – we are inviting our friends to donate trees – planting certificates will be issued. To sponsor a tree, we are asking for a minimal donation of 50 dollars. Please earmark your donation tree planting.

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