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Current EventsItamar News Updates Jan 24th 2020

Itamar News Updates Jan 24th 2020

Itamar welcomed the visit of our dear friend Pastor Gaspar Anastasi who came with members of his congregation from NY and FL to visit this week -despite the very difficult winter conditions. The group had a great time claiming it was the highlight of their trip to Israel. The tour of our community included a visit to the Goldsmith home and then a biblical explanation of Itamar and its surroundings.


Over the last few weeks tremendous amounts of rainfall have been blessing the land – we are so thankful that the reservoirs of Israel are being replenished. The amount of rainfall in January has broken an all-time record!

We welcomed our dear friend from Switzerland Anita Zbarin!


The Itamar children are enjoying themselves with special winter activities.


Watch Rabbi Goldsmith’s lesson on the weekly portion where he discusses the visit of 49 world leaders marking 75 years since the liberation of Auschwitz.

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  • Penny Allen

    It is Tuesday January 20 in Arkansas USA. I would like to hear what your community is thinking about the Peace Plan that was revealed today by President Trump and Prime Minister Netanyahu. What is the feeling in your community? Thank you and bless you.

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