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GeneralItamar News Updates Febuary 10th 2012

Itamar News Updates Febuary 10th 2012

  • Itamar welcomed Gershon Bar Kochva,  a renowned lecturer and dear friend of Itamar. Gershon a resident of Hebron gave an amazing lecture on Tu’bshvat to our Yeshiva high school Chitzim on the ancient city Hebron. He really knows how to captivate an audience and did a fantastic job in bringing home our ancient heritage.
  •  width=Mazal tov to the Raykinati, Cabrah, and Asulin on the birth of grandchildren this week. May we continue to grow and multiply!
  • The Tu’bshvat holiday on Itamar was amazing! People came all over Israel to plant trees and celebrate with us. Trees were planted all over Itamar in many different locations on its huge land mass. Many trees were planted near our Yeshivah Gevoah which is being built in memory of Rabbi Udi Fogal and his family. Chaim and Zila Fogel, parents of Harav Udi, participated in the tree planting as well.  On our upper hills our youth planted trees that are known for their high percentage of nectar in order to help our honey farmers produce better yields of honey. Special thanks to all our dear friends of Itamar that were so kind as to donate a tree making Itamar blossom and flourish.  Please enjoy the small movie we made of the amazing event.
  • After the Fogal massacre David and Vickie Shneorson  of Itamar decided that they want to strengthen our community by setting up a girl’s high school. It would be a perfect addition to the many educational institutions of Itamar ,already set up including a boy’s high school called Chitzim, Talmud Torah servicing the entire Gav HaHar region, Girls school and Yeshiva Gevohah. Thank G-D, it is afulfillment of a dream and today we have an Ulpana (girls high school) for girls called Beit Sarah on our hills. There are 20 girls learning there and they really love the school. Rabbi Yishay Haramati is the Rabbi of the school and Vickie Shneorson is the principal. The school specializes in Chasiduth and the girls will finish the program with a profession. We bless them with tremendous success in their important endeavor.
  • Watch Rabbi Goldsmith’s new Torah lesson for width= width= width= the week on Parashat Yitro.

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