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Current EventsItamar News Updates Feb 22nd 2013

Itamar News Updates Feb 22nd 2013

The memorial service for the Fogel familyRav Ronskymemorial 2 that was massacred two years ago on Itamar was held this week on the 7th of Adar (the very same yartzeit of Moshe Rabbenu). It was a very moving ceremony attended by over 1500 people and marked by the placing of the foundation stone of the Itamar Yeshivah dormitory. Last year the memorial event was marked by the inauguration of Mishkan Ehud the major Yeshivah Beit Medrash of the Itamar Yeshivah which was completed within a year of the massacre. This year is marked in the the beginning of the buildingof the dormitories. This is our most important response to terrorism: building and establishing Jewish presence in the Heartland.  The event was attended by Israeli ministers and Parliament members. Benjamin Netanyahu sent a personal letter to the family which was read by Israel’s Judicial minister Yaakov Ne’eman. There were other ministers and Knesset members that addressed the crowd as well like Minister Elie Yishay, Minister Yisrael Katz, Udel EdelsBatchy visittien, and Knesset member Uri Ariel. Aaron Raziel, a renowned singer and musician sung songs throughout the event.Almond tree 7

Itamar welcomed the visit of our dear friend  Elliot Aeurbach from Englewood NJ who came to visit the community and participate in the Fogel memorial.

Mazal Tov to the Rabbi Ben – Zion and Mivasseret Rimon on the Bar Mitzvah of their son this week!

MeYagon Lesimcha- the week started out on a serious and solemn note for our residents but ended today with a beautiful children’s Purim Parade 4parade. Enjoy the small clip and pictures of the special event. With all these amazing children growing up on Itamar, it gives you the feeling of how much we have been blessed!

A special request to all our dear Itamar friends! As it is a custom to give Machazit Hashekel before Purim we turn to you to continue to support Friends of Itamar and send in your kind support! We have to build the Land and this depends on all of us!

Watch Rabbi Goldsmith’s  Torah lesson on Purim.

Purim Sameyach and Shalom Shalom to all of our dear friends!sunsetAlmond tree 2Purim parade 2Purim  parade 3

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