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Itamar NewsItamar News Updates Feb 19 2016

Itamar News Updates Feb 19 2016

Itamar News February 19, 2016

We welcomed Scott and Suzi GoldbergIMG_8826[1] from North Woodmere this week. They had a chance to see how it has grown and blossomed over the last few years and were even able to see the tree planting at the Iris HaShomron Springs. Scott and Suzi have been long time friends of Itamar and coordinated many meetings with the community in the 5 towns after the Fogel massacre trying to bridge the gap between the people that live here on Itamar and the people that live there . Their ahavat chinam is incredible.

Another huge Thank you to Jessica Katz and Yad Leah of Passaic New Jersey for the WONDERFUL clothing sent with so much love and care for our community. May Hashem bring them much success in their important mission in sending much needed high quality clothing for the whole family to over 30 places in Israel. Words cannot describe the effort that goes into storing, collecting, sorting, boxing and shipping the items. I have had the merit of being in their warehouse and seeing all the chesed in action. They also need your help! For more information see Yad Leah on facebook.P1010013

We’ve been reading in the Torah portions about the Tabernacle and all of the special holy furniture and vessels. Enjoy the picture of the acacia tree, the wood used for the boards that made up the walls and panels of the Tabernacle.

Israel is small but so diverse in its topography, flora, and fauna. Enjoy the pictures of the Negev IMG_8979[1] IMG_9091[1]desert- the colorful sand and rocks, magmatic intrusions, cliff and wadis!

Shabbat Shalom!



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