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Current EventsItamar News Updates Feb 15 2013

Itamar News Updates Feb 15 2013

A very special friend of Itamar, Alan Hirsch צדיק בא לעירwas honored in Chevron on the occasion of his 60th Birthday. Mazal Tov to Alan, May Hashem bless and keep you with many many more years of shefa!

Mazal tov to the Gilboa Family on the birth of their son and entering the brit of Avraham Avinu!השקד

A lush green Israel is the result of the blessed rains this winter- enjoy photos taken of places in the Shomron and the תורמוסיםGalilee.פרחחרמון

We welcomed a group of enthusiastic hikers this week from North Dakota and Missouri led by Rabbi Moshe Rothchild.

It will be two years that have passed since the terrible massacre of 5 members of the Fogel family, an atrocity that most of the world knew about. We pray that there should only be continued building and development in the names of the kedoshim and that the Land of Israel delivers a message of life and vitality, yihee zichram baruch!יד עם בוץ

Watch Rabbi Goldsmith’s lesson on parshat shavua!

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