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Current EventsItamar News Updates Feb 13th 2015

Itamar News Updates Feb 13th 2015

Every week we would like you to actually (or virtually) “meet” people that live here. – This week on “Meet the people of Itamar” – we want to honor Reb David and Vicki Shneerson for setting up Itamar’s high school for girls – Beit Sarah, after the terrible Fogel massacre in March of 2011. The Shneersons live just two houses away from the Fogel home and were very close to the Fogel family.  After the tragedy they decided to set up a girl’s high school in their name which stresses love of Hashem and the teaching of Chassidut. IMG_1973

It goes without saying that we as a community are entering the time of the yartzeit of Fogel family, hy’d- yihee zichram baruch!

Mazal Tov to the Cohen family on the engagement of their son Amiram. May there be many happy occasions, Amen!

It’s only a few weeks to Purim and the cold winter weather has us spending more leisure time in the kitchen. This week, I made bagels (from scratch as my mom z”l used to say!)They came out so great that our family asked for bagels instead of challah this Shabbat. I explained to them that bagels are a Jewish-American invention and part of our culture- this, to brag about! Then I explained that the essential ingredient to bagel making was PATIENCE as it is a many step process, and every phase needs time of its own. Much like our redemption- I like to throw those hints in too. In an age when we have everything immediately- going back to bagels is having that thrill of expectation- So, if you are contemplating this, just the thrill of anticipation is a lesson in chinuch for the whole family!

2 cups warm water- 1 kilo self rising flour- 1 cup kanola oil- 3 tablespoons sugar- 1 heaping teaspoon of salt- a pinch of ginger spice- mix all and knead into a round ball- let it “rest” as I like to say. After an hour take fistloads of dough and make snakes of dough, closing into tire shaped circles. Place on greased cookie sheet- let it rest again for a half hour.- Place these into boiling water with a pinch of salt and a little molasses- turn over in water after a minute – then remove from water with a spoon with openings- drain on paper towel. Then baste with raw egg and put whatever toppings you like- garlic powder, zatar, sesame, coarse salt (our favorite) or honey- the list goes on. Place into piping hot over for 15 minutes and then remove- turn them over and another 5-10 minutes. Shabbat Shalom Ubeteyavone! Leah


Shabbat starts on Itamar at 4:54 and ends at 6:01

Watch Rabbi Goldsmith’s new lesson for the week.

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