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GeneralItamar News Updates Feb 12 2016

Itamar News Updates Feb 12 2016

This week we had the pleasure of experiencing the new art gallery featuring beautiful ceramic pots cups wall ornaments and vessels on a very high level of finish on the Gideon Hilltops here on Itamar. Artist Batya Erdstein also does workshops for families, Team Building, Groups, Birthdays, Bar Mitzvahs and the list goes on for an experience in pottery that will leave you inspired. Batya can be reached at IMG_8687

We celebrated a seeyoom – the completion of the oral law tractate Masechet Baitza this week at the house of Ofer Head. Ofer is a stained glass artist that makes amazing original pieces. You are invited to visit his studio. IMG_8731IMG_8733

Enjoy the interesting picture in one of our hothouses- there are rainbows in the sky and rainbows on the earth!12688189_1066565483364472_6900385144497019909_n[1]

We are plowing forward in our nursery project- again; we are searching for a donor who would like this project built in their loved one’s name.IMG_8768[1]

Enjoy the pictures of family day.12662516_1067678276586526_351188525060569123_n[1]

Enjoy Leah’s blog on Terumah.

Watch Rabbi Moshe’s Video on this week’s portion and read his written Torah essay.


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