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Itamar NewsItamar News Updates Feb 05 2016

Itamar News Updates Feb 05 2016

Itamar enjoyed a visit this week with former Op-ed section of the New York Times editor Mark Horowitz. Mark has come on a fact-finding mission to Israel and was escorted by our dear friend Boaz Haetzni. IMG_8502[1]

We also welcomed the visit of famous musician Ruth Fazal and her friend Marion Rice-Oxen, a British film producer. IMG_8577[1]We were blessed with a personal performance of Ani Maameen on violin at the sheep farm of Tomer and Meytal Penini. Tomer and Meytal also explained the significance of how sheep cultivate and fertilize the earth, preparing it for future grapevine planting and flower husbandry. The significance of sheep also are many times in the torah compared to also Am Yisrael and how now at this time in history we are preparing the Land for the future growth and development of the Jewish people here in the Land. Tomer and MeytalIMG_8637[1] have invested all of their resources in securing their sheep penIMG_8606[1] from theft and vandalism by securing cameras. Anyone who would like to help with this project please earmark Penini Farm.

Things in Israel these days have extremely volatile and victims are an everyday occurrence sadly. Last night we were also warned about the determination of terrorists to try to enter our community. We want to strengthen your hands and say thank you again for assisting us in protection gear and technological equipment that protects our community. It is a life and death situation literally.

We are on a tree planting mission in the mood of tu B’Shvat at the Iris Spring pool recently put in here, a beautiful; project that enables hikers to enjoy a water experience right here on Itamar. Since it is all new, we are in need of shade trees for when the sun shines strongly here in the hot months. Anyone also interested in this project can earmark Tree Planting tzeddakah cause.


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