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GeneralItamar News Updates December 7th 2012

Itamar News Updates December 7th 2012

We would like to extend a Special thanks to Jessica Katz from the Yad Leah organization for another amazing clothing drive for Itamar. As the winter sets in- it came at a perfect time. Jessica has been reaching out to our community for years and has a huge heart and soul for all of eretz Yisrael and her brothers and sisters wherever they may be, she is sure to try and help them. May Hashem bless her, her organization and all the people part of this amazing project. Itamar wants to personally thank Mr. Speiwak for supplying us with such beautiful coats and jackets too. Tizkeh Lemitzvot! A happy and healthy Chanukah!

Mazal Tov to David and Ruty Shushan on the Bar Mitzvah of their son Yehudah this week. The Shushan family is one of the founding families of Itamar living here since 1984. We wish them only happiness from all their children and grandchildren.

Itamar blesses all of its dear friends with a happy and healthy Chanukah holiday – let us all merit in being a light to others.

A group of journnalists width= width= from Finland and England that came to lear from up close about what the people of Itamar are doing. This of course comes in the backround of the United Nations’s descision to vote for a Palestinian state. They spoke with different residents and got to see the amazing growth and development of the community.

With Chanukah here enjoy the picture of the olive oil being pressed – noticed the reddish purple color of the olives on the right side of the press. It comes from black olives the one on the left are from green olives.


Read Leah’s Chanukah message.

Test your Chanukah knowledge by doing the Chanukah quiz – answers to follow next week.

Watch Rabbi Goldsmith’s Torah lesson on this week’s portion where he talks about the Jewish understanding of Messiah. The first stage being the Messiah of Joseph.

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