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Current EventsItamar News Updates Dec 7th 2018

Itamar News Updates Dec 7th 2018

We want to wish our dear friends of Itamar a happy Hanukkah and Shabbat Shalom!!!!!





Itamar was blessed this week with the visit of our dear friends: Rico & Yolanda Cortez and Aliyanna Humphreys who brought a group from the USA to tour the community of Itamar – which included an amazing lunch at the David Itzik petting zoo. Rico and his family are long time Itamar supporters and are doing a fantastic job in educating about the importance of standing with Israel. width=








We had the privilege of hosting Jeff Schwartz Esq. who is a great friend of Itamar and serves on the Friends of Itamar board. Jeff is staunch Zionist and in addition to his volunteer work for friends of Itamar, also serves as head of the NY chapter of the organization – Shurat Hadin. We had other Hanukkah guests as well – our dear friends Alan Nussbaum, Rachel Trauwig, Aaron and Hodayah Huchem and Danielle Avel and more. width= width= width= width=





























Mazal tov to the Itamar Ulpana high school – Beit Sarah for girls that inaugurated a new dormitory last week!!! width=

Mazal tov to the Pnini farm of Itamar that specialize in boutique wine that has now won a gold medal prize.


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