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Current EventsItamar News Updates Dec 16 2016

Itamar News Updates Dec 16 2016

Mazal tov to Yael and Ofer Hed on the marriage of their daughter Hilah to Ohad Levi. Yael and Ofer are one of the founding families of Itamar. width=



We welcomed the visit of Batshevah Cohen from Beit Shemesh and Abraham Vi’nismach from the Golan. width=










Alan Hirsch of Brooklyn New York was here as well and came to see the where all of his huge Pesach Matzoh and Gmach project all takes place- from right here – thousands of food packages are delivered from Itamar to Judea and Samaria communities in his zechut- may he feel much blessing from this tremendous endeavor! width=

We remembered our dear resident Chalotte Krantz of blessed memory who was a tremendous light to the community– her memorial ceremony was recently held at Jerusalem’s Har Haminuchot.



The Itamar youth held its annual youth group Bnei Akivah ceremony. Friends of Itamar has invested tremendous resources in enhancing the growth and development of youth programs here. Our young generation has already proven to be a great asset to the State of Israel serving in the most elite units in the Israeli army as well as going on to be professionals in many realms of society. width=  width=











Baruch Hashem the building of Itamar continues in full swing. Enjoy the pictures of our new neighborhood going up width= and Itamar’s high school Chitzim’s first permanent dormitory. Friends of Itamar has been devoting great effort in assisting Itamar’s high school in a variety of projects from assistance to the learning disabled and symptoms of post- traumatic stress disorder. Chitzim High School has quadruple in the amount of student over the years because of its excellence. We want to expand even more and put our educational projects here at a top priority. The Israeli government has approved the plan for the new campus. We are now seeking matching fund donors for building projects right here right now. This includes dedicating the massive kitchen as well as school rooms and recreation rooms. width=








Enjoy the beautiful picture of our sheep from the Tomer Penini Farm in the setting of the portion of the week- what goes around comes around! width= width=






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Shabbat shalom!

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