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Current EventsItamar News Updates August 8th 2014

Itamar News Updates August 8th 2014

A special welcome to our Itamar soldiers that have returned home from the battle field. This makes Shabbat Nachamu all the more special! Of course, the backdrop of Hamas renewing its rocket and mortar attacks on Israel has us worried they may be called back at any time. Let us keep praying for their safety and the safety of all of Israel. Itamar’s resident and soldier Mordechai Yamin Ben Brachah Yehudit is still in the hospital so we ask you to continue praying for his recovery and the speedy recovery of all the wounded soldiers and civilians of Israel.IMG_0135

We want to thank our amazing youth for working so hard this summer in helping out Itamar in this emergency situation. They made a dinner this week for the reserve soldiers that are stationed in Itamar and they have been helping out the young children whose fathers are stationed in Gaza.

We want to thank again all our dear friends of Itamar that have made our summer camp program a reality. In their merit, our children are having a happy summer despite the difficult situation.

Another project that has recently come up is the renovation of our mikveh here. Anyone interested in having this project done in the name of someone- please contact us or earmark “Mikveh Project” on your kind donation.

Rabbi Moshe and Leah Goldsmith are planning a speaking tour to the USA in early September if anyone is interested in having them speak please contact us.

Enjoy the picture of a family of deer resting near one our hilltop neighborhoods!IMG_0184

Mazal tov to Moshe and Leah Goldsmith on the birth of their granddaughter Yiskah, to Merav and Roi Machluf.

Mazal Tov to Yifat and Yididyah Mishulami on the birth of a son this week.

Mazal Tov to Rami and Shoshy Odeser on the birth of a grandson.

Watch Rabbi Golsmith’s new lesson for the week.




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  • Dean

    We live in Denver, Colorado and we would like to come and hear Rabbi Moshe and Leah speak. Would you pls let us know if their speaking schedule includes Denver. Itimar is at the top of the list of places we would like to visit when we come to Israel. Dean & Colleen O'Neil

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