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GeneralItamar News Updates August 7th 2015

Itamar News Updates August 7th 2015

Despite a very difficult week for the heart of Israel, people are still coming out to visit! This is the stiff necked attitude of love for Eretz Yisrael despite whatever challenges come our way! We welcomed Gboliwe, Chidi, Dalu and Kika Amakaeze from Nigeria who came to learn about the return to Israel and Itamar. IMG_5681[1]This family are leaders amongst the Ibos, tribes that trace their lineage back to the lost tribes of Israel! Thank you to Gil Pentzak who always brings very interesting and dedicated people – keep them coming!

We also welcomed Yitzchak Schwartz who is a student of art and Jewish history. He is presently completing his doctorate in Jewish history at NYU. Yitzy never skips over Itamar on his visits to Israel!















It has been HOT in Israel! This is a great time to come and pick grapes and figs IMG_5700[1]as it is all hefker due to IMG_5712[1] Shmitah! The vines are just full and the invitation stands!















Mazal Tov to the Lifschitz family on the birth of a daughter.

Mazal tov to the bar/bat mitzvahs here, Lavi Goldberger and Ms. Feingold- rak smachot and blessings!

Please see Rabbi Moshe’s Torah on the parsha

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