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GeneralItamar News Updates August 31st 2012

Itamar News Updates August 31st 2012

  • Itamar wishes all its children and youth a great and successful school year as they returned this week to their studies after a wonderful summer vacation. Itamar is blessed with many educational institutions including a yeshivah gavoah three high schools, three elementary schools and a kindergarten and nursery. In addition we want to bless all our dear friends of Itamar that their children and grandchildren will have a productive school year as well!   width=
  • Mazal tov to the Rekanati  and Bet El families on the birth of  daughters.
  • Mazal Tov to the Feig family on the birth of a son.
  • As the summer comes to an end we must remind ourselves that here in Israel we have to save as much rain water as possible. It is highly recommended that each and every home make an emergency water pool which can be used in drought situations. We must utilize our natural resources! width=
  • Watch Rabbi Goldsmith’s new Torah lesson on this week’s portion.
  • As we approach the New Year a special letter has been sent out to all the friends of Itamar in the hope that the New Year will bring more building and prosperity in redeeming the land.

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