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GeneralItamar News Updates August 24th 2012

Itamar News Updates August 24th 2012

  • We give a special thanks again to Rabbi Lefkowitz, Eddie and Fern Wunsch , Anshay Chesed and all those who made this amazing summer possible for the Itamar children. This week the summer program ended with a number of great events. Enjoy the pictures of the children enjoying their water rides and other attractions. width= width= width=
  • Itamar welcomed Khasane Ramolefefrom Lesotho Africa. Lesotho is a small African country in southern Africa. Khasane is the advisor to the Deputy prime minister of Lesotho. Khasane wants to help his small country, about the size of Israel, thrive like Israel. He came on a special tour to Israel in order to learn at close hand how to make a small county flourish.  width= width= He was so impressed with the agriculture on Itamar and asked if our town would help him in setting up similar farms in Lesotho. He visited our hot houses, dairy farm, chicken coops and other sites and was so impressed at the success of our community.
  • Mazal Tov to Rabbi Yitzchak and Sari Chemo on the marriage of their son Ori Nissim this week!
  • Mazal Tov to Rabbi Uzi Damari and Rachel on finishing the addition of their home this week. width= Rachel and  width=Rabbi Uzi have been living on Itamar since its founding back in 1984. They had no choice but to expand their kitchen and living room in order to allow room for all their grandchildren who are constantly visiting with them.  What a great blessing!
  • Watch Rabbi Goldsmith’s new Torah lesson for the week where he discusses the importance of preserving nature.


  • Susi Fähnle-Gimpert

    Thank you, Moshe, for your newsletter, I do appreciate it. I am neither Israeli nor jewish, but very much interested in the Hebrew language and the Palestine culture and history. Next month, I'll be travelling Israel and Palestind for the first time in my life. I love to watch your Tora teachings, For me as a christian, this is a wonderful chance to sort of dig deeper into this tradition that originally is also ours. Unfortunately, too many of us forgot about that basic foundation of our religion. In fact, even as a former minister of the Swiss Reformed Church (freshliy retired three months ago), I have to admit that most important things to me, as to say a more than only supeficial approach to the Bible, I have learnt from jewish people. I am very grateful for that.

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