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GeneralItamar News Updates August 1st 2014

Itamar News Updates August 1st 2014

A special evening supper IMG-20140731-WA0008and meeting IMG-20140731-WA0011_0was held this week for the families on Itamar that their husbands are in the battlefield in Gaza. The community wanted to treat them to positive feedback and show them how much they love and appreciate them for their self-sacrifice for the land.














We welcomed a group of college students that are finishing up this week a 7 week program called “Going Forward”. IMG_0276They heard about the important mission of the community. Most of the students were from Cincinnati Ohio.




Thank G-d the building continues! IMG_0281 This week we began preparing another area for our next neighborhood project. Itamar is in a tremendous growth spirt and has grown immensely over the last few years. We just recently completed a new neighborhood that all its houses were already bought. During this war this was about the only place not affected by missiles in the whole country- only reiterating the strategic importance of the top of the mountain!

As part of our summer program the Itamar children begin their day by studying Torah. There is nothing that strengthens our people more that the study of Torah! Blessings to all of them.

Read Rabbi Goldsmith’s essay for Shabbat Chazon and Tisha B’av

Watch Rabbi Goldsmith’s Torah lesson for the week.

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