Itamar News Updates August 17 2012

  • Mazal Tov to Etai and Avital  on the brit milah of their son this week. Etai is the Rabbi of the Golani Brigade!
  • Itamar welcomes our friend Elliot Mittman who came to spend a Shabbat on Itamar. Although Elliot is from NY, his heart is in Israel! He enjoyed a special tour of the community this afternoon by Itamar’s mayor Rabbi Goldsmith and will have a unique Shabbat experience by spending it on the very area that  the portion of Re’eh is centered on.
  • The Itamar synagogue project is really moving along please enjoy the pictures of the progress.
  • A new vineyard was planted on the Itamar hills fulfilling the verse “Vineyards again will be  planted in the mountains of Shomron”
  • Watch Rabbi Goldsmith’s new lesson on this week’s portion.

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