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Current EventsItamar News Updates August 10th 2018

Itamar News Updates August 10th 2018

This week’s Torah portion Re’eh opens up with the famous covenant – the blessing and the curse that takes place on the two mountains Grizim and Aval that are adjacent to Itamar’s mountains – What a special privilege it is to live here!!!  width=

We had a last-minute visit by the chief Rabbi of Ukraine – Rabbi Moshe Azman who mentioned that he had to come to Itamar to pray by the spot of the blessing and the curse. He was escorted by Ariel Gitman from the USA. width= width=


We were so happy to welcome our dear friends Brandee, Brittney, and John Stacy from Texas. The Stacys are an amazing family always hosting so many people from all over Israel at the home of Ann and John in Granbury. What an honor it is to host some of their representatives here on Itamar. Blessings to them all!!!!! Brandee and her children came to Israel to participate in the Yovel volunteers’ program with the grape harvest helping Jewish farmers. width=





We were blessed with the visit of our dear friends Aaron and Hodayah Huchem from Zichron Yaakov who came with a sweet couple from Kansas.  width=

We enjoyed the visit of from – Yaakov and Yehudit Rudd Miami Florida  width=and Susan and Avraham Vanismach from Beit Shemesh/Golan

We were so happy to host our friend Eric Gardner who will be making a movie about Itamar and Samaria – presenting the real picture.  width=

Mazal Tov to Tomer and Meytal Pnini on the birth of a daughter – Metal gave birth at home on her Itamar farm as she planned to do. Tomer will be beginning his grape harvest this week! width=

Watch Rabbi Goldsmith’s latest Torah lesson on this week’s portion



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