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Current EventsItamar News Updates Aug 28th 2015

Itamar News Updates Aug 28th 2015

Dearest supporters and friends of Itamar – Our website has been hacked twice over the last two weeks with no less than 20,000 viruses. If by any chance you couldn’t get on our site or were sent old posts or unwanted posts it was because of this. Apparently, we are not liked by everyone because not everyone wants to know the truth or let the truth be said about the redemption of Israel- the people and the Land happening right now -in our times, Amen. I am happy to say things have been straightened out for the most part on our website and that we do hope that we won’t have such problems again in the future. A special thanks to Victor Schultz for solving this problem for us!

We welcomed the visit of our dear friends Aaron and Hodayha Huhem.IMG_5929[1]

Last week had 34 families come together on our annual hike and sleepover in a 10000000000 star hotel- under the sky! This is a wonderful opportunity for bonding time and it was a very successful event.

This week we had our first “guys night out” an all – night hike just for the guys!

WE had a summer finale too with water rides, blow ups, karaoke and lots of fun.

The end of the summer is IMG_9455always an exciting time for the children returning back to their educational frameworks. The days are still long enough to enjoy the petting zoos and farms here that we may sometimes even take for granted while city dwellers come from afar just to experience nature, flora and fauna and animals. Please make a point of visiting our famous farms, the vanguard of organic agriculture permaculture and animal husbandry in Israel.IMG-20150818-WA0012





Mazal Tov to Moshe and Naomi Ronsky on the brit Milah of their son this week.




As we approach the New Year, Friends of Itamar ask our dear supporters to once again keep us in mind during the holiday season when it is customary to give charity. We have very important projects for the coming year. We want to start getting our Visitors Center off the ground and will need a lot of help to make this project a reality. We also hope to set up a library and a seminar program for those who want to learn more about Israel and the Torah. Anyone interested in getting involved in this important project please let us know.

Enjoy Rabbi Goldsmith’s new Torah lesson for the week. See his written summary of the class.

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