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Current EventsItamar News Updates Aug 25 2017

Itamar News Updates Aug 25 2017

Friends of Itamar have had thank Hashem a lot of visitors in the last weeks. Today we welcomed over 150 guests from HaYovel from all over the world. People from all over the USA, Canada, Great Britain, Latvia, Mexico, Peru and more came to see and listen to the amazing story of Itamar- Gem of the Hills and to stand with the beautiful and thriving enterprise of Land reclamation projects going on here. Thank you HaYovel for this opportunity to share! width=

We also welcomed Jeff Daube of the Israel branch of the ZOA who came with our good friend Boaz HaEtzni and the Reading family from Pennsylvania.

A true supporter of Friends of Itamar and bulldozer in all realms, Judy Grossman brought friends from Kew Garden Hills, The Rollhause family as well as friends from Yerushalayim and Givat Zeev to experience a day in the grape harvest and sheep pen on the Penini Farm. Please enjoy the short clip we prepared about our day with them. width= width= width=

We had a memorial for Shlomo Miller HY”D who was murdered eleven years ago. May his memory be a blessing and his mission fulfilled by the people that carry his torch ahead.


Our response team is on on a 24 hours call vigil. Please continue to pray for their safety as they are literally preventing infiltrations as we speak right now!

Enjoy Leah’s Blog on Parshat Re-eh and current events

Please see Rabbi Moshe’s Torah on the weekly portion

Shabbat Shalom!


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