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GeneralItamar News Updates Aug 22nd 2014

Itamar News Updates Aug 22nd 2014

The Itamar youth continue to bring our community pride and joy.  Enjoy the pictures of them visiting a senior’s home in Ariel bringing happiness and love to the elderly. These activities are all part of the Friends of Itamar summer camp program for our youth and community. Next week the community will participate in the annual three day camping trip we do every summer. It gives the families bonding time and a sleeping under the stars experience.תצלום0400[1]





Friends of Itamar decided to take upon itself a new project which will be called “Maayan Levi” – The Levi Spring. This project includes the building of a man made spring in one of Itamar’s many nature reserves. This is one of two projects that Friends of Itamar decided to dedicate in memory of its founder Lester (Levi) Goldsmith Z”TL. Maayn Levi will provide a refreshing an enjoyable place for people that come and visit the beautiful Shomron mountains.IMG_0290 IMG_0291


















Today a memorial service for our dear friend, Shlomo Miller was held on Mt. Olives in Jerusalem. Shlomo, the former head of our security was killed on Itamar 10 years ago when he was ambushed by a terrorist. See link .



Itamar continues to grow! This month 11 new families will be moving in. We bless them all with happiness and success in their new community.IMG_0004IMG_0309


















Itamar farmers are working very hard to try and do what they can be the sabbatical years sets in this coming New Year.IMG_0061















Watch Rabbi Goldsmith’s new Torah lesson on Parshat Re’eh – Not for vegetarians!

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