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Current EventsItamar News Updates April 5th 2018

Itamar News Updates April 5th 2018

Passover on Itamar was marked by many visitors for all over Israel and from abroad. The hills were flooded with groups and families that came to enjoy the many tourist attractions of Itamar. We enjoyed hosting  Aaron & Hodayah Huhem, Andree, Thorton, and John and Angel Sliffe. width= width= width=














Unfortunately. we are all in shock over the loss of one of our precious residents and founding fathers – former chief Rabbi of the IDF – Avichay Nissan Ronski Ztzl who passed away after struggling with cancer. We convey our great sorrow and condolences to his wife Ronit and their children Rivka, Nitanel, Moshe, Michal, Adi and Oded and the family. width= width=













There was a rare visit to the Alter of Joshua on Mt Eval! width= width= width=











Watch Rabbi Goldsmith’s lesson on Eruv Tavshilin

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