Itamar New’s Updates April 28th 2016




Itamar was flooded with visitors who came from all over Israel to tour the community on this amazing Pesach Holiday.



Amongst the thousands of visitors, we want to mention our dear friend Alan Nussbaum IMG_0532[1]who came with a group from Jerusalem and our dear former residents Boaz and Rachel GinsbergIMG_0524[1] – who came with their family.






















We also enjoyed the visit of Yaron Pitts and Hecter IMG_0480[1]Menendez from Texas. All enjoyed the beautiful hiking trails, springs, artisans and their wares and the farms on the community.















Organic cucumber season has begun on Itamar – what an amazing taste! The blessing of the Land is felt in each and every bite.IMG_0583[1]IMG_0466[1]IMG_0469[1]








































Special thanks to Alan Hirsch and all those that participated in the Kimcha depischa Pesach Matzah fund campaign.IMG_0351[1]



Watch Rabbi Goldsmith’s latest Torah lesson on Miracles.


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