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Current EventsItamar News Updates April 23 2021

Itamar News Updates April 23 2021

First of all, we experienced another miracle on Itamar terrorist set off an explosion – thank G-d nobody was hurt see the link

This week Friends of Itamar has a spotlight on Nigerian media – did you know that there are 89 million Nigerians that love Israel and the Jewish people


From Norway a show of solidarity to us here on Itamar from our dear friends Britt and Ger Lod. Send your picture tell us who you are and what country you are from.


Friends of Itamar have been very busy with new and exiting projects! One of the newest projects is setting up a second-hand clothing shop to help the many families on Itamar provide clothing for their children and families. Friends of Itamar has refurbished an old building and turned it into a special little shop. The wonderful clothing deliveries that are sent to Itamar from our dear friends of Yad Leah will be now distributed to the needy families through this new shop. Special blessings and thanks to Michal Zuckerman who will be managing the place making it comfortable and special for the people of Itamar.


We are also in the process of setting up a special place for lone soldiers to spend their Shabbat weekends with the people of Itamar. We are repairing an old caravan and turning it into a very comfortable place to enjoy shabbat on Itamar.


We welcomed the visit of our dear friends Lisa and David Rubin from Shilo.


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