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Current EventsItamar News Updates April 21 2017

Itamar News Updates April 21 2017

As the spring and summer months set in, it is a great time to plan a visit to Itamar. We have so many interesting attractions to offer our tourists. One of our interesting suggestions is to visit Ornah Hirschberg’s studio. Ornah is an expert in the vessels of the Tabernacle specializing in ancient methods of weaving. She recently completed a beautiful project of weaving the Parochet of the Tabernacle for a museum in America. She is now working on the Cherubs. Next time you are in Itamar make sure you get to see this special studio of where it all happens. width= width= width= width=




























Mazal Tov to the Zimmerman family on the recent marriage of their son Michael! The Zimmermans are the founders of organic farming on Itamar and have a very unique farm – which includes the production of dairy products. width=  width=


Watch Rabbi Goldsmith’s Torah lesson on Parashat Shimini on Attaining spiritual heights


Shabbat Shalom and blessings from Itamar


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